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Dove Release

The tradition of dove releases can be dated back thousands of years to many different cultures around the world. Ancient Greece used doves at Olympic games to let the home village of the winning Olympian know that they have won.  Romans used them as gifts to represent honesty, loyalty and devotion. Today the releasing of the doves symbolizes the loved one spirt being set free into the heavens. (This option is seasonal due to the nature of the doves, weather has to be above 60 degrees for the comfort of the doves).
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Glass Remembrance

There are many ways to remember your loved one.  From sending your loved one into space to scattering your loved one on top of one of Colorado's 14'er. Encasing a small amount of your loved one's ashes into glass art is another beautiful way to remember your loved one. Glass Remembrance has hundreds of different glass art pieces that is absolutely astounding. They even can crystalize your loved ones ashes into metal art work. Check out their website to see their options :
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Butterfly Release

Butterflies are the representation of many stages of life. The life stages from caterpillar to butterfly takes time and dedication just like humans. The butterfly release symbolically represents the transition from life to death. This option is seasonal due to the nature of butterflies (Late Spring to Early Fall)

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Balloon Rosary

Set your loved one free into the heavens with Balloon Rosaries! Balloon Rosaries consists of 42 Helium filled Balloons and one helium cross. classic balloon rosary prices at $180. Rosary with 2 helium filled balloon doves cost $200.
To get started please check out their website at
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Space Burial

Elements from the human body and the earth all came from dead stars from long ago. Now you can return your loved one back to the stars. Everyday space travel is becoming cheaper by the day thanks to advancements in rocket technology from large companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. It wouldn't be right of us to not offer this service to Colorado because we are the space capitol of the United States.  Sending your loved one to the stars has never been cheaper. We have partnered up with Beyond Burials to give you this one of the kind experience.  Sending your loved one to space starts at only $1500. For any questions or answers, please check out their website at

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High Peak Scatter (14,000 ft)

Being in Colorado, it wouldn't be right to not have the ability to release your loved one's ashes on top of Colorado's highest mountains. We have partnered with an experienced mountaineer that will carefully carry your loved one's ashes to the top of a fourteener. This experience will come with a video or photos and a GPS pin drop to provide comfort to you that they have made it safely to the top 
(This option is seasonal and weather permitting, the mountain will be chosen at the discretion of the mountaineer or sometimes can be requested.)


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Bagpipes have appeared in many different forms around the world in many different cultures. From ancient Egypt or the Romans. The bagpipes that we see and hear today came from Scottish immigrants from the 1800's. Bagpipes produce the perfect type of music for memorials or funeral services and the sounds will resonate with the guest for a lifetime. This service starts at $200.

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Mariachi music originated from Central Mexico in the 20th century. Mariachi orchestra consist of different musical instruments like violins, guitars and harps.  This type of music at funerals can bring a uplifting vibe to the service. Perfect for the loved one that wants more of an uplifting type of service. 

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Modern violins originated in Italy in the 1500s. This beautiful instrument is a stable of classical music and is used commonly at funerals as well.  This music can bring a calming atmosphere to the service and will make the funeral service more memorable.

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